Services Offered:
Any Red Ring Repair
Motherboard Replacement

Case Replacement

Fan Upgrades
On the left you will find most of our basic services, but our capable team is not limited to just those. Please call with any questions, we're here to help! In most instances we like to meet our customers half way between their homes and our offices to make it convenient for you... And us. Our prices vary based on each individual issue. We are obligated to charge a $10 flat rate for the initial inspection. We throughly examine and diagnose each console. Again, don't hesitate to call. 
Disclaimer: By benefiting from our services, you are forfitting all warranties from Microsoft. The standard warranty through Microsoft is usually ONE year. We are not responsible for any problems after repair or for your ignorance :). Therefore, please read and understand that we can save you time and money and get your machine home to you quickly. There is no suggested warranty with our work. Shipping problems are outside of our control and terms of service argreement. In other words, be smart and utilize our services TODAY!