Our Beginning...

After being Red Ring victims on numerous occasions, we finally got sick of sending our systems away for months on end. We were forced to find a way to fix them at home. It wasn't easy, but we perfected the technique and are now capable of extending our skills onto you and your xbox 360. Since then we have hired a small staff and trained them over time to repair numerous commonly known xbox errors and defects. Starting with our first customer, we learned the value of honesty and customer relations. This meant also being able to add various mods to the Microsoft Xbox 360. Check out our bios and the service tab to get to know us. We are here to serve and are available for contact 24/7. We hope you choose us for all your xbox needs and feel comfortable to contact us with all questions and concerns. Have a Great Day.

Founders' Bio
Hello, I am who they call Matt. Ever since my first "Red Ring of Death", I was avid about figuring these consoles out. After long research and tough failures, Me and my colleague found a way that is almost flawless. Now after many repairs, I feel super confident in fixing your "Red Ringed" xbox. On a more personal note, I enjoy long nights of Halo and pizza. But, back on topic, I really hope you decide to choose us. We take pride in our repairs and would be willing to answer and of your questions and concerns. Well, I think you've heard enough. Peace out!!
Hey there. Wellp, back in the day when we first began, I will admit I was nervous for the first repair. However, since then, me and my partner have gained much needed knowledge and experience to tackle most any repair. We have seen it all and gone round and round with Muhammad at xboxsupport.BS!. We are here to help those through their tough times when your xbox is not functioning up to par. We understand. Hit us up ASAP! Later Dawgs